Sidebar/Navbar Icons

Documentation on how to customise Sidebar/Navbar Icons.

Sidebar/Navbar uses FontAwesome v5 for the Icons so you should for them there.

Changing of the Sidebar/Navbar Icons can't be done from the Administration Dashboard but have to be done from the routes file.

  1. Open routes.ts file from /var/www/pterodactyl/resources/scripts/routers directory

  2. At the top of the file, you'll see this line, at which icons are imported.

    import { faUser, faLock, faKey, faClock,
        faTerminal, faFolderOpen, faDatabase, faCalendarDay, 
        faUsers, faBox, faNetworkWired, faPlay, faWrench } from '@fortawesome/free-solid-svg-icons';

    There you can import the icons you want to use and remove the old ones that you no longer use.

  3. After you've imported icons you want, you can scroll down where you'll see routes to different pages and icon field which value you'll need to replace with the icon you've imported earlier

  4. After you're done, save file and run yarn build:production command

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